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We Are Moving

Dear Everman Parents, Staff, and Students,

The Everman ISD Administration will transition into the new building during the Christmas Break, which is located at 1520 E. Everman Parkway, and resume normal business on Monday, January 7th.  The current phone number (817) 568 - 3500 will remain the same. 

Earlier this year, I shared with you that in July 2012, Everman ISD purchased the 53,652 sf headquarters campus of Avcor Health Care Products Inc., for $1,229,106.00, which appraised previously for an amount of $1,750,000.00.  The two buildings located at 1520 Everman Parkway had a mix of offices and warehouse space, which was ideal for a district administration building.  The intent of the purchase was to allow for valuable classroom space needed due to the student growth, which was previously occupied by district staff on campuses.  In addition, the facility allows district administrators to be centralized into two buildings located on one property. 

Since the purchase of the Avcor Health Care Products Inc., the district saved funds over a five to six year period for the purpose of renovations.  Currently, some district staff are housed in the smaller of the two buildings.  I am certainly proud to say that the purchase of the facility and renovations were not a result of spending bond dollars.

Although, the current administration building has the namesake of our previous superintendent Dr. Jeri Pfeifer, her name will continue to follow us as it will be mounted on the outside of the new Everman  ISD Administration Building.  Dr. Pfeifer served as the superintendent of Everman ISD for 10 years until she retired in 2014.

Remember the vision statement of “One Goal…One Purpose…Student Success” pushes us as educators to provide students with the great educational opportunities so that they can perform at a very high level in today’s society.  Looking forward to a successful second semester and always remember, Everman ISD Is The Place To Be!

Thank you,

Dr. Curtis Amos