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    Vision Statement #1

    Everman ISD shares a passionate belief that literacy instruction is at the forefront of creating an enriching learning environment that provides students with the necessary tools and strategies to become fluent, skillfully literate 21st Century Learners. Educators in EISD will provide comprehensive and systematic literacy instruction with a focus on research-based practices that promote: 

    • Explicit, Engaging, Student-Centered Literacy Instruction
    • Ongoing Monitoring of Student Progress and Teacher Effectiveness
    • Consistent, Vertically-Aligned Formative and Informal Assessments
    • Early Intervention Programs that focus on Phonics and Phonological Awareness
    • Specific, Purposeful Differentiation that meets the needs of our Diverse Student Population
    • Equitable Opportunities to Engage the EISD Community in Meaningful, Authentic Literacy Experiences

      The literacy plan image in color.

    EISD Literacy Plan
    EISD Literacy Plan (Spanish)