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Procedures for Reporting Discrimination Harassment and Intimidation

Discrimination, harassment and intimidation are serious and will not be tolerated. Bullying acts including verbal conduct that creates a hostile education environment by substantially interfering with a student's educational benefits, opportunities, or performance, or with a student's physical or physiological well-being. Bullying can also be motivated by a perceived personal characteristic such as race, national origin, gender identity, religion, disability, or is threatening or seriously intimidating. Please, feel free to contact the school for additional information or assistance at any time.

Board Policy FFH (PDF)

You may report an incident by completing this form.

Incident Report Form- English

Incident Report Form- Spanish  

Please note that after submission of the complaint to the district employee, the district may assign the report to a campus administrator to follow up on the submitted report and any other important matters pertaining to the report.  We encourage you to communicate with your designated campus administrator during this time.