Curriculum philosophy :

    The curriculum shall serve as a basic component of an effective instructional program.  To this end, the District shall ensure that a well-balanced and appropriate curriculum is provided to all students. All curriculum shall conform to state mandates regarding course offerings and essential knowledge and skills. The curriculum shall reflect current research, best practices, and technological advancements within the disciplines and shall promote congruence among written, taught, and assessed content.  Appropriate modifications in instructional methodologies, pacing, and resources shall be provided for special populations.

    The curriculum shall be designed and implemented using a competency-based curriculum approach that has the following premises: 

    • All students are capable of achieving excellence in learning the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).
    • The instructional process can be adapted to improve learning.


    Schools can maximize the learning conditions for all students through clearly stated expectations of what students shall learn, high expectations for all students, formative and summative assessments of student achievement, and instructional modifications based on assessment results.


Department Personnel