Curtis Amos was named Superintendent of Everman ISD in March 2015. He is a highly accomplished educational leader with over 20 years of experience. Amos has experience as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and district administrator. Before becoming superintendent, Amos served as Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Student Services overseeing departments including human resources, child nutrition, maintenance, counseling services, health services, and transportation.

    Among his accomplishments, Amos is credited with implementing programs that resulted in increased student achievement and decreased student discipline, built partnerships with community agencies and universities that garnered financial support for additional coursework material, teacher training, professional development, and student tutors.

    Amos has set out to accomplish excellence as the superintendent, focusing on Everman’s theme of “Together…We Are Taking It to the Next Level”. This certainly is an important stance. Why? If we are to ensure our students are prepared to compete globally in the 21st century, we must begin to step up and challenge each other to provide a world-class education to all EISD students! Ultimately, it is our responsibility to educate the whole child. Regardless of the path in which our students choose to pursue upon graduation, whether it is a college, a university, a trade school, the military, or the workforce, our students must be prepared to be productive members in society. We must be committed to the belief and exude confidence that each student has been equipped with the tools necessary to succeed.

    Amos will lead the district in achieving academic success due to his honesty, fairness, effective communication skills, compassion, and strong vision for educational excellence. He is dedicated to empowering others to maximize their potential and his optimal goal is to ensure that all students of EISD will receive the education and support needed to succeed in school.

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