• Attendance Overview

    Students who miss school...miss out. Attending school regularly is essential to students gaining the academic and social skills they need to succeed, and it prepares them for college, good careers, and successful adulthood.

    Attending school every day is important. For every day of school missed, it takes two or more days for a student to catch up. Except in the case of illness, many school absences can be avoided with a little extra effort. 

    Parents, help us to eliminate absences that can be prevented by making every effort to schedule medical and other appointments outside school hours and by making sure your children get plenty of sleep so they arrive at school on time. Give your child every opportunity to succeed in Everman ISD and graduate to success, by encouraging them to attend school on time, every day. Please remember: Be Present... Every Day Counts.

    Quick Facts

    • Missing school one day per week means missing one full year of instruction for every five years that they are in school.
    • Research shows missing too many days of school can be an early sign of dropping out of school.
    • Good attendance prepare students for college, good careers, and successful adulthood.
    • A diploma has an economic value! High school graduates earn 38 percent more than those without a diploma, and college graduates earn 140 percent more! By graduating from high school, your child can earn more than a million dollars in their lifetime. That can lead to even greater success if they attend college.

    Give your child every opportunity to succeed in EISD by encouraging excellent school attendance.

    Did You Know? 

    Being in school every day raises your student’s chances for academic success, and securing college admission and scholarship opportunities. Helping your child make regular attendance at school a habit now, can carry over when they seek employment.

    Students who attend school regularly learn more and are more successful in school than students who do not. Parents who make school attendance a priority are also helping their children learn to accept responsibility. That is an important lesson for a successful life.