Coach Stanley
     P.E. Teacher

    The Physical Education & Health classes offer so much to the students at Dan Powell Intermediate. We start each class reviewing our bones and muscles and learning a new bone or muscle each week. By May, the students will know all their major bones and muscles. On Wellness Wednesdays we have a health lesson and cover topics ranging from personal hygiene to how to cope with stress.


     Coach Gordon
     P.E. Assistant

    Every day we do a different physical activity after our daily exercises. Each year we participate in Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart to raise awareness of heart disease while earning funds for the American Heart Association. We complete Fitnessgram tests once in the fall to see where our fitness levels are, and once in the spring to see if we have progressed in our fitness journey. Before the school year ends, we have a day of fun outside with Field Day. PE is a great class to be physically active, learn about your body, boost self-esteem, integrate core curriculum and HAVE FUN!