We will be having campus celebrations after the end of each six weeks:
    October 8th
    November 12th
    January 14th
    March 3rd
    April 28th
    May 26th
    Each of these meetings will be advertised with a note sent home and call out.  
    8:45-9:15 award celebrations will be for grades 3, 4, and Life Skills
    9:30-10:00 award celebrations will be for grades K,1, and 2
    Students will be recognized for all A honor roll, A/B honor roll, and Perfect Attendance.  Each month we will recognize a character trait and each class has a student recognized for demonstrating that trait.
    PBIS #TEAMTOWNLEY end of six weeks celebrations for the winning team.  Every K-4th grade student is on one of four HERO teams (Team Helpful, Team Engaged, Team Respectful, and Team On Task) and students have the opportunity to be rewarded with tickets daily for positive behavior.