• My name is Mike Wilkinson, but most people call me Coach. I am the Physical Education teacher at Bishop Elementary School.


    I believe that every student deserves to have a safe environment to learn and participate. P.E. is an integral part of a well-rounded education.  When children are in P.E. they have a unique opportunity to participate and socially interact with one another. All state mandated TEKS are covered in P.E. class. Students learn a variety of age appropriate skills in P.E. They also participate in many different games. In my opinion physical fitness is the foundation for P.E. and the single most important thing students can acquire. Children that are active have minds that are stimulated and ready to learn. I hope students will acquire a desire to maintain fitness all their lives. Physically fit children usually become physically fit adults.


    At the end of each class I hope that every student had fun and is ready to return to class and learn.