• Administrator's Corner
    Principal - Ollie Clark


    Dear Townley Elementary Community,
    I am honored to serve as the Principal of Townley Elementary. I am eager to continue to serve
    the students of Everman and look forward to having your child back in school. We have an
    enthusiastic staff dedicated to pushing our students to succeed and working with parents
    and community members at Townley. I look forward to working with our students and
    continuing the outstanding work at Townley Elementary.
    This will be my 22nd year in the Everman Independent School District and my 14th year as an
    administrator.  Prior to my service as an administrator, I served as a Special Education
    teacher for eight years at Bishop Elementary. Prior to that, I taught at-risk students at Boys
    Town in Nebraska for 5 years.
    Townley Elementary has a history of people with a strong work ethic and dedication to
    student success. I am excited to say that a vast majority of staff are returning from last year to
    continue the work to achieve, and to use the strong foundation from previous years to take
    Townley Elementary to the next level.  I am proud of the efforts of our teachers and parents to
    ensure education continues for our students through any challenge. With the support of the
    community and staff, I will always strive to provide a safe place for your child with an
    atmosphere of high expectations and genuine care. Together we will continue to provide
    outstanding educational opportunities and academic excellence for all of our students. 
    As part of my regular routine, you will find me out front every day to welcome students to
    campus during morning arrivals, afternoon dismissals, and about the campus throughout the
    day. I look forward to building upon established, as well as new relationships with the students,
    staff, and families of the Townley Elementary community. I can be reached via email at
    oclark@eisd.org or just stop by to introduce yourself any time, as my door is always open to
    Ollie Clark
    Townley Elementary