• Administrator's Corner

    Principal - Eva Quinonez


    Hello Hommel Family,


    This is Principal Quinonez, writing to say that our Hommel teachers, staff, and leadership
    team are so excited for the 2022-2023 school year. It is always an honor and privilege
    to serve our students, families, and the community. We have several new additions to our
    Hommel family. Please help me in giving them a warm welcome.


    Hommel Elementary's mission is success for every student in every daily class. We
    believe that it is our responsibility to meet our students' social, emotional, and academic
    needs and, most importantly, look after their safety. Our teachers and staff are
    wholeheartedly committed to this. We also want to thank you regularly for all the love and support
    you provide us as a school community. 


    Our school turns 100 years old this July. We will be celebrating in October with our entire
    community. We hope you can join us. Also, let's continue to partner together to take
    Hommel Elementary to another level in student achievement. With all stakeholders
    working together, we can achieve this! 


    Teachers are already hard at work preparing for our students. We cannot wait to see you.

    Eva Quinonez


    Hommel Elementary