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About Instructional Technology

About Instructional Technology


Instructional Technology




The Instructional Technology Department’s primary mission is to provide concrete guidance, best practices, and training for the implementation of technology in the classroom to both students and staff.


Our vision is to create a culture of technology integration which enhances the learning environment by fostering collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication in each classroom. Thus, preparing every student for the rigorous demands of 21st century institutions of higher education and globally oriented workplaces.


Our Beliefs

  • Our student body are digital natives.

  • Technology can assist and appeal to digital natives when learning.

  • Digital citizenship and online safety is a must and should be a priority in every classroom in order to responsibly integrate technology.  

  • Technology is a tool which should be seamlessly integrated into classroom use.

  • How technology integration takes place is contextually based.

  • Learning drives the use of technology. Technology should not dictate what is learned in the classroom.

  • Continuously development of technology skills is a norm and expectation of today's educator.

  • A foundation of the 4cs (communication, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills) are part of the essential skills to preparing students for the 21st century.

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