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Employee Resources

Steps to Employment

Requirements of all employees:
1. Be at least 21 years of age.
2. Complete at least the equivalent of a high school education
3. Criminal background check verifying suitability for employment
4. Be able to successfully communicate in English (orally and written)

Prior to interview, complete items below online:
5. Application
6. Resume (Optional)

At interview provide:
7. Applicable education verification which may include:
Copy of College transcript
High school diploma or transcript
Verification of GED
8. Resume (if not online)
9. Sign application

If applying for a teaching position, provide the following:
10. Teacher Certifications
Proof of application for Certification
11. Letter from university of pending completion of courses
90 day letter of recommendation from university if applicable
Letter of acceptance from an alternative program
12. Copy of Test Scores

To complete employment process, provide or complete:
13. Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)
14. Driver’s License
15. Social Security Card
16. Form W4
17. Social Security Form
18. Retirement Form (if not already TRS member)
19. Payroll – Direct Deposit form with “Voided” check attached
20. Public Access Form
21. Professional Contract (if applicable)
22. Service records (if applicable)
23. Meet with employee benefits personnel