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EISD enters partnership for districtwide Asthma 411 program

Asthma 411 Partnership Program

Since 2017, Everman ISD has partnered with Cook Children’s, the UNT Health Science Center and JPS Health to participate in the Asthma 411 program, a three-part program that includes access to rescue medication, enhanced school management and support/comprehensive prevention. Cook Children’s has generously donated supplies so that each EISD campus will be well supplied in case of an asthma emergency.

Due to the potential for exacerbations of asthma, reactive airway or respiratory distress that could lead to serious injury or death, the Everman ISD has had an emergency albuterol program for more than 10 years. This program has allowed EISD nurses to have emergency albuterol to administer to a distressed student following the orders of our medical director to go along with activating the EMS system.

Over time it has been observed that many of the students responded well to the albuterol dose where their breathing has stabilized and they were healthy enough to return to class. The protocol has required the activation of EMS and ambulance response. This meant the parent or guardian had to go to the school and decline transport, and a bill was issued from the EMS provider.

Under the Asthma 411 program, students who experience respiratory distress at school will have access to emergency albuterol, and, if they stabilize and are healthy enough to return to class, EMS will not be activated. If they do not stabilize, EMS will be activated. Nurses will follow the emergency orders of the EISD medical director in administering the emergency albuterol.

Parents will be called prior to administration except in situations where the student is in danger and seconds count. A packet of information will be sent home with treated students explaining the treatment and including resources for the parent/guardian.

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