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The Everman Independent School District has a trademark for Everman Bulldog name, Everman Bulldog, and Everman Seal. It is our intent that these trademarks will provide consistency and quality to products that bear the name and/or logo.

Everman ISD requires that vendors selling products that use the Everman Bulldogs logo and Everman Bulldog name enter into a trademark license agreement with the school district. The license agreement will allow for the sale of apparel bearing the Everman Bulldogs name for one year. The fixed fee for a one-year unlimited-use license of the name Everman Bulldog Logo and/or Everman Bulldog Name is $100 per year.

Per the agreement, Everman ISD will reserve the right to inspect the nature and quality of products to ensure the products are appropriate and do not adversely affect the school or school district.

As the success of the Everman High School athletics program has grown in recent years, so has the interest in creating spirit wear/apparel. The trademark license agreement is not intended to restrict those activities. Instead, we are trying to maintain control over the way our name and mark are used and the quality of products bearing that name.

Any vendor interested in using the Everman Bulldogs logo must complete a license agreement which is available online at

We do appreciate your support of the Everman Bulldogs and would be glad to answer questions regarding the license agreement. Feel free to contact the public relations department by email at ( or phone at 817-568-3500.

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