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P-TECH Grant Documentation

The purpose of the P-TECH/ICIA model is to provide students with a seamless path from high school, to post-secondary education, to employment. In a P-TECH/ICIA, students earn a high school diploma and work credentials, including certifications and licenses, and education credentials, which include educational certificates, diplomas, and degrees. They also engage in work-based education at every grade level, such as internships, apprenticeships, or other forms of job training programs.

The documentation provided complies with the Texas Education Agency’s requirements for recipients of the 2019-2021 P-TECH and ICIA Success Grant Program.

Benchmark 1 – School Design
Benchmark 2 – Target Population
Benchmark 3 – Strategic Alliances
Benchmark 4 – Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
Benchmark 5 – Work-based Learning
Benchmark 6 – Student Support