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Endorsements Pathways


Students in the Foundation High School program have the opportunity to earn endorsements that focus on a particular program of study that align with students’ postsecondary goals. These endorsements include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); business and industry; public services; arts and humanities, and multidisciplinary studies. Upon entering ninth grade, students must indicate in writing the endorsement they plan to pursue. To earn an endorsement, students must complete the curriculum requirements for the Foundation High School Program, the requirements for a specific program of study (POS), as well as earn an additional credit each in mathematics and science and two additional elective credits for a total of 26 credits. 

Programs of Study defined as: Programs of Study ensure that students are prepared for success in college and careers in higher wage, in-demand fields. POS provides a framework that local education agencies (LEAs) can use to work with postsecondary institutions, businesses, and industries to better understand the knowledge and resources needed to prepare students for life after high school. POS are not an add-on program or new reform, but are designed to work within current systems, structures, and budgets. They are a strategy for aligning and leveraging existing programs, including the Foundation High School Program.

College and career pathways are a key strategy for schools and districts to prepare all students to succeed after high school and expand the education and employment options available to Texas students. Students in programs of study take academically rigorous classes, explore a range of occupations, identify professional interests, build valuable skills, and feel empowered to make informed decisions about their education and future careers.

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