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Monthly Spotlight

February Gold Standard Teacher

Ms. Derrough

Gold Standard Teacher -Derrough

  • She puts in effort for each individual kid and pushes us to be better people as well as students

  • This teacher shows up everyday ready to go that extra step for each kid. Even if it's not something school related she is here to make us not only good students but decent human beings as well.

  • She makes sure that all her students stay engaged and tries to get them out of their comfort zone and make sure they’re ready for the real world

  • This teacher should be picked for the gold standard because she stands with what she believes in and always does her best no matter how she is feeling to give her kids 100%

February Gold Standard Coach

Coach Allison Jones

Gold Standard Coach-Jones

  • She helps all of her students. To make them better

  • SHe makes us a better athlete

  • She uses her time to make lessons to teach, and loves teaching it

  • She takes time outta her day to try to fix the little things to make us successful on the field and in life

  • Because she's the best coach I know

February Gold Standard Student Athletes

Morgan Crittenton and Mikey Brown

Gold Standard Student-Morgan Crittenton

  • Morgan is a example of academic/athletic scholar. She not only is a member of the golf program, but participates with student council and NHS. She has set the tone for our women's golf program for what it means to have integrity and responsibility being a representative of Everman ISD.  

  • Morgan has been an exceptional member to the womens golf program and being the expectation at the course and in the school building 

Gold Standard Student-Mikey Brown

  • On the field, Mikey is a true asset. He possesses exceptional skills and commitment to the sport is unwavering. He exhibits great teamwork and encourages his teammates to perform at their best.

  • Off the field, Mikey maintains a strong academic standing and shows exemplary character. He is respectful, responsible, and serves as a positive role model for his peers. Mikey is the type of student/athlete that teachers and coaches would beg to have.