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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the election?

Tuesday, November 5th. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Why is this bond election necessary?

The primary purpose of the bond election is to provide additional classrooms at selected schools due to the increased enrollment.

The bond projects fall into three basic categories:

  • Additional classrooms at Townley Elementary
  • Additional classrooms at Baxter Jr. High
  • Additional classrooms at Everman Joe C Bean High School
  • Possible additional classrooms at Dan Powell

How will the bond proposal affect my taxes?

If voters approve the bond proposal, the current tax rate will not change. There will be no tax rate increase. None. Zero!  This is a No Tax Increase Bond Package!

What is included in the bond proposal?

  • Joe C Bean High School $24,400,506 million
  • Baxter Jr. High School $4,130,359 million
  • Townley Elementary School $4,140,398 million
  • Dan Powell Intermediate $4,098,205 million
  • Comprehensive Roof Projects $4,000,000 million
  • Total Projects for November 2019 Bond: $40,000,000 million

What will happen if voters do not approve the bond proposal?

The proposed bond projects cannot be addressed because they exceed the capacity of the general fund budget.

What is a bond proposal?

A bond is a State-approved funding process that specifies a set scope of projects. When voters approve a bond, the money specified in the bond proposal is borrowed and the school district makes payments over a period of years, much like a homeowner pays a mortgage. Bonds are usually issued for 30-40 years.

The 30-year bond proposal on the November 5th ballot will authorize the Everman Independent School District to issue bonds in the amount of 40 million dollars.  The proceeds from the sale of the bonds will be used to pay for the projects included in the bond proposal.

Can any of the bond proposal funds be used for employee salaries or operating expenses?

No. Bond proposal funds cannot be used for staff wages, salaries, or operational costs. They also cannot be used for repair or maintenance costs or other operating expenses. Bond proposal funds must be used only for purposes specified in the ballot language, and, as required by State law, they must be audited.