• Did you know? If Texas were a country, it would be the 15th largest economy in the world, ranking right between Spain and South Korea. That's a lot of money changing hands, right here in our own backyard! There are about 750 banks in our state and thousands more brokerage, financial-service, insurance, and accounting firms. Professionals who work in these companies manage investments and make loans, pay for storm damage, sell bonds, stock ATMs with cash, and more. If you are good with numbers, want to play the stock market, or enjoy working with the public, then Finance could be the right career cluster for you.

CTE courses to take in high school

    •  Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance
    • Business Information Management (BIM)
    • Money Matters
    • Dollars and Sense
    • Accounting I 
    • Accounting II
    • Statistics and Risk Management (counts as a 4th math credit too)
    • Professional Communication

Possible careers in the Finance career cluster

    • Loan specialist
    • Tax adviser
    • Certified public accountant
    • Call center coordinator
    • Personal banker
    • Customer service associate
    • Investment fund manager
    • Corporate lawyer
    • Credit analyst
    • Title examiner
    • Legal assistant
    • Estate planner
    • Benefits agent
    • Claims investigator