Mission Statement/Vision

  • Mission

    Baxter will be a place that inspires and equips students to experience success.  
    Baxter will be a place where students are embraced, developed, supported and held accountable for the sake of their growth and success. 


    • All students deserve a quality education.
    • All students can and will learn.
    • Student learning is enhanced through positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students, parents, and staff.
    • Students are individuals who have unique strengths and needs.
    • School personnel, parents, and the community share the responsibility of educating each child and advancing the school’s mission.


    • High student achievement and academic success for all students.
    • All students will meet and surpass passing standards on the state assessment in all content areas.
    • High levels of student attendance will be maintained throughout the year.
    • Students and staff will use technology to facilitate and enhance learning.
    • Parents and the community will be actively involved in student learning.
    • A positive learning environment will be supported by firm, fair discipline that focuses on students learning appropriate behaviors.