• What is dyslexia?


    Dyslexia is a term used to describe a specific learning disability in basic reading skills and/or reading fluency.

    The Texas Education Code (TEC) §38.003 defines dyslexia and related disorders in the following way: “Dyslexia” means a disorder of constitutional origin manifested by a difficulty in learning to read, write, or spell, despite conventional instruction, adequate intelligence, and sociocultural opportunity. “Related disorders” include disorders similar to or related to dyslexia, such as developmental auditory imperception, dysphasia, specific developmental dyslexia, developmental dysgraphia, and developmental spelling disability.


    What do I do if I suspect my child has dyslexia?


    Review the common characteristics of dyslexia.  If you suspect your child has dyslexia, contact your campus counselor.  The campus counselor can walk you through the steps of getting your child tested for dyslexia. Students with dyslexia can be served under Section 504 or Special Education, depending on the student’s unique needs.