• Google Classroom Concerns:


    Contact your teacher:

    • If you cannot see your class in Google Classroom.
    • If you have an incorrect class listed in Google Classroom.
    • If you are not receiving teacher communication. 

           **Note: The teacher will put in a Technology Support Ticket.


    If you cannot reach the teacher, please contact your school and let them know.  For a list of campus phone numbers, click HERE.


    Google Meet Concerns:


    Solutions to your Google Meet Concerns:


    • Reduce the number of open tabs as much as possible. Every tab open that's not absolutely required for class should be closed.

    • Turn off your camera when working outside of the video chat while in class.

             Let your teacher know.

                       We have advised teachers to encourage this as much as possible.


    • Verify your Chrome browser is up to date.  For instructions on how to check and update your browser, click: Update Google Chrome browser for Chromebooks

    • Clear your Chrome browser cache and history. This helps with getting logged back in after you've been disconnected. For instructions on clearing your cache, follow the link:

              How to Clear Cache on Chromebooks


    • After clearing your cache, restart your Chromebook. 

    • Your teacher will reset their Google Meet link from time to time. Be sure to refresh your Google Classroom page if the teacher informs you of the new Google Meet link.