• Supplemental Music Lessons 


    Supplemental music lessons are offered as enrichment to classroom instruction and are designed to utilize the broad scope of characteristic literature available for every instrument or voice. Rather than stress the singular goal of competition preparation, the emphasis instead is on nurturing the independent thinking and individual performance skills critical to the development of the maturing musician. The focus is on acquiring refined levels of sight-reading and technical proficiency in tandem with the attainment of an advanced sense of musical instinct and interpretation. Individuals interested in becoming a supplemental music lesson instructor in the enrichment program should complete an application packet. All lessons are $20 per week paid monthly to the voice instructor directly.



    Although optional, participation in the supplemental lesson program is encouraged and available to all students. Those who elect not to participate in supplemental lessons will not be penalized in grading, chair placement, or choir assignment.

    Students Responsibility to the Private Teacher

    • Prepare each lesson fully
    • Follow attendance rules
    • Provide documentation and exhibit evidence of practice
    • Supply materials required by instructor
    • Participate in all activities required as a condition of study

    Private Teachers Responsibility to the Student

    • To provide each student a quality private lesson which will contribute positively to the development and continual improvement of the student as a musician and performer.
    • To instill an appreciation for each instrument(s)/vocal solo repertoire.
    • To cultivate the desire within each student to make music a lifelong activity.
    • To exhibit professional characteristics and demeanor in attitude, appearance, behavior and responsibility in every activity germane to private lesson instruction.


    Lesson Location and Scheduling 

    • Lessons during the day will be taught in the school the student attends.
    • The choir director, in cooperation with the private instructor, will schedule lessons for the students who desire to participate.
    • Lessons will be 30 minutes in length.
    • It is recommended that the student receive a lesson each week.
    • The cost of each lesson for the current school year is $20.00.
    • Lessons may be scheduled during the student’s choir or lunch period, and before or after school.
    • No lessons will be scheduled during non-music classes.
    • It will be the responsibility of the student to notify his/her supplemental music instructor at least twenty-four hours in advance if a lesson is to be cancelled unless, of course, a serious emergency arises. This courtesy is also the responsibility of the supplemental music instructor if he/she must cancel a lesson.
    • The choir director will aid the student in advising the supplemental music teacher of concerts, programs, holidays, etc., which would result in any interruption of the regular lesson schedule.

    Financial Considerations

    • Payment will be made directly from student to private lesson teacher at the beginning of every month so as to pay one month in advance. Checks should be made payable to the individual private lesson teacher.


    • Enrollment in the supplemental music lesson program is on a voluntary basis.
    • Termination of lessons by the student, supplemental music teacher, or band/choir director will be accomplished by written notice to the student or teacher and the band/choir director.
    • Supplemental music teachers are assigned as requested by the student, if possible. In some cases, individual schedules will not allow the requested teacher.
    • Questions concerning assignment of supplemental music teachers should be directed to your student’s choir director.
    • Questions concerning lesson dates and times, or number of lessons taught, should be directed to your student’s supplemental music teacher.