• Community Bond Committee

    The Community Bond Committee was formed to evaluate capital improvement needs of the district and to provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees on long-range facilities planning; amendments to the Facility Master Plan; and the scope of work and timing of future bond programs.  As we move forward in creating plans to accept the continuous increased enrollment the committee will perform the following responsibilities.

    To accomplish its purpose, the Committee shall:

    • Provide recommendations on long-range facilities planning and amendments to the Facility Master Plan;
    • Evaluate current use of district facilities and review critical needs,
    • Evaluate technology, transportation and unmet facility needs;
    • Refer potential boundary changes if needed to optimize the use of district facilities to the Boundary;
    • Engage the community in dialogue regarding long-range facilities and capital improvement needs;
    • Assist district-wide community outreach efforts to increase public awareness of the facilities planning process, capital improvement plans and proposed bond programs;
    • Develop recommendations for long-range capital improvement needs;
    • Develop facilities modernization plans;
    • Evaluate tax impact and long-term investments of taxpayers; and
    • Develop recommendations for the scope of work for potential future proposed district bond program(s).                                                   

    Bond Committee Members

    Bradley, Latoya          Townley
    Butler, Velma             Community
    Carter, Connie            E. Ray
    Cleveland, Mike         Community
    Davis, James               E. Ray
    Davis,Freddie              Townley
    Dowl, Rachel               Powell
    Jolly, Kevin                  HS
    McCollum, David        Community
    Randel, Delretha        Community
    Richardson, Ray          Community
    Roberts, Michelle       Baxter
    Roberts, Ron               Baxter
    Sneed, Regina            Johnson
    Sosa, Patricia             Souder
    Stine, Rebecca           Bishop
    Tenoria, Viridiana      Hommel