• Everman​ ​Independent​ School​
    ​ ​District
    HB5 ​Index​ 5​
    Elementary ​Campuses
    Three ​​programs​ ​or ​categories,​ ​selected​ ​​under ​​Education​ Code​ 39.0545(b)(1)​ ​under​ ​which ​the​ district ​​will ​evaluate​ district​ performance,​ ​and​ ​the​ ​criteria ​​the ​​district​ ​will​ ​use ​​to ​​evaluate performance ​​and ​​assign​ ​the ​district​ ​a ​performance​ ​​rating​ ​in Community ​and​ Student Engagement.
    1. Wellness
    2. Second-language ​​Acquisition
    3. Dropout ​​Prevention
    Evaluation ​​Criteria:
    1. Is​ ​there​ ​participation​ in​​ ​school​ breakfast​ and​ lunch?
      1. Free ​breakfast​ and​ ​lunch​ ​​ ​for​ ​all​ ​students,
      2. year-round​​ ​(cafeteria ​participation​ reports)
    2. ​​​Does ​​the ​campus​ provide​ access​ to​​ ​school ​​health ​​programs?
      1. Essilor ​Vision​ Screenings
      2. Lesson​ ​Plans ​for​ Health​ ​Classes
      3. JPS ​​partnership, ​
      4. MOU
      5. Vision,​ hearing,​ and ​​dental​ ​screening
      6. Summer ​feeding​ program​
      7. Head ​​Start​ ​Partnership
    3. ​Did​ ​campus​ ​comply​ ​with​ requirement​ to​ give​ ​immunization​ notices?​
      1. Letter​ given​ by​ ​the ​Nurse’s​ Office​
    4. ​Does​ ​district​ do​ mobile​ ​health ​screenings?​
      1. Letters​ ​and​ ​Fliers​ ​for​ ​vision​ ​and ​dental​ ​screenings ​and​ parent ​​permission​ forms.​
      2. Copy​ ​of​ ​peachjar ​announcements​ and​ ​notifications.
    5. Is​ ​​the ​district​ compliant​ with​ state​ ​​and​ federal​ nutrition​ ​requirements?
      1. School​ ​breakfast ​​and​ ​lunch​ menus​
      2. Nutritional ​​reports ​from​ ​Director​ ​of​ Child​ Nutrition
    Second ​Language​
    1. Are​ ​there​ ​bilingual​ ​class​ ​offerings?
      1. Master ​​schedule
      2. Teacher ​​Roster
      3. Lesson ​​Plans
    2. Were ​all​ ​state​ ​required​ personnel​ ​TELPAS​ ​trained?
      1. Sign​ ​in​ ​sheet​ ​and ​​agenda​ of​ ​trainings/certificates
    3. Does​ ​your ​campus​​ host​ cultural​ ​performance?
      1. Parent​ ​sign​ ​in​ ​sheets
      2. District/Campus ​​Newsletter
      3. Flyer​ advertising​ ​​performance
    4. Does​ ​the ​campus​ provide​ ​translations​ of​ ​​letters/notices​ ​to​ parents​ ​and​ ​students?
      1. Peachjar ​letters​
      2. Sample ​​letters​ and​ permission​ ​​slips
    5. ​Are​ there​ LPAC​ ​decisions ​implemented ​​and ​documented?​
      1. Registration​ and ​​BOY​ testing​ ​forms
      2. LPAC​ Documentation​ Form​
      3. Assessment​ decision​ ​making​ ​meetings​ and​ ​documentation
      4. Program​ ​entry, ​​placement,​ ​and ​​exit
      5. Monitoring ​compliance​

    Drop​ Out​ Prevention

    1. Do​ ​we​ ​have​ ​attendance​ ​incentives ​​for ​​attending ​school​ m​and ​a​​ ​system​ ​to​ ​target​ students​ for​ truancy ​prevention​ ​​due​ ​to ​​high ​​absentee ​rate
      1. Attendance ​committee​ minutes​
      2. Attendance ​​parties
      3. Jean​ Passes​
      4. Truancy​ ​Letters
      5. Parent​ ​Conferences
      6. Director ​​of​ ​Truancy
    2. ​​Are​ ​after​ ​school​ ​and ​extracurricular​ activities​ available ​at​ ​each​ campus?​
      1. Club​ List​ and ​Sponsors​
      2. Tutoring ​schedule​
      3. Parent ​permission ​​slips
    3. Did​ ​your​ ​campus​ ​implement​ improvement​ plans​ ​for​ ​students​ ​designated​ ​at ​risk?​
      1. RTI ​​Trainings
      2. RTI ​​SAM
      3. RTI ​​Documentation
      4. Intervention ​​Plans
    4. ​Is​ ​there​ ​evidence​ ​of​ ​positive​ behavior support?​
      1. PBIS ​​report
      2. Discipline​ Reports​
      3. List​ of​ ​behavioral​m incentives​
      4. PBIS​ ​plan
    5. ​​Is​ ​before/after ​​school ​tutoring​ and ​homework​ ​assistance​ provided?​
      1. Teacher​ sign​-​​in​ sheets​
      2. Campus ​Calendars​
      3. Student ​sign​-​​in​ ​sheets
      4. Tutoring​ ​Schedule
      5. Title​ Plan​
  • Everman Independent School District

    HB5 Index 5 Accountability

    Secondary Campuses

    Three programs or categories, selected under Education Code 39.0545(b)(1) under which the campus will evaluate district performance, and the criteria the campus will use to evaluate performance and assign the district a performance rating in Community and Student Engagement.

    1. Wellness and Physical Education
    2. Dropout Prevention
    3. Second-Language Acquisition

    Evaluation Criteria:

    Wellness and Physical Education

    1. Is there participation in school breakfast and lunch programs?
      1. Participation records,
      2. cafeteria reports,
      3. enrollment forms.
    2. Does the campus offer courses in Health?
      1. Course descriptions,
      2. lesson plans,
      3. MOU with Safe Haven
    3. Does the campus provide mobile health screenings?
      1. Essilor rosters (vision),
      2. FitnessGram results,
      3. scoliosis rosters,
      4. hearing screening rosters
    4. Is the campus compliant with state and federal nutrition requirements?
      1. Child Nutrition compliance reports,
      2. cafeteria menus
    5. Does the district host four or more SHAC meetings during the school year?
      1. SHAC sign in sheets, agendas, minutes;
      2. posted meeting notices
    6. Is there a school nurse available to students at all times?
      1. Clinic sign-in sheets/records

    Drop-Out Prevention

    1. Does the campus have incentives for attending school and a system to target students for truancy prevention due to high absentee rate?
      1. Attendance incentive program guidelines,
      2. attendance committee SAMs,
      3. parent/campus attendance conference SAMs,
      4. copies of truancy procedure,
      5. credit recovery sign in sheets,
      6. Director of Truancy
    2. Are there extracurricular activities available at the campus?
      1. Extracurricular program descriptions,
      2. after school club charter and roster
    3. Is after-school tutoring and homework assistance provided?
      1. Tutoring curriculum,
      2. sign in sheets,
      3. parental notification letters
    4. Are counselors available to students, parents and staff at each campus?
      1. Counselor certification,
      2. faculty roster
    5. Does the district offer bilingual and ESL summer school?
      1. Summer school schedule,
      2. lesson plans,
      3. student rosters,
      4. parental notification letter,
      5. attendance rosters

    Second Language Acquisition

    1. Is a sheltered-instructional model evident on the campus?
      1. Sheltered Instruction professional development sign in sheets,
      2. surveys,
      3. lesson plans.
    2. Does the campus provide translations of letters/notices to parents and students and has an interpreter be present at parent conferences, ARD meetings, and public events?
      1. Copies of translated letters and notifications to parents and students,
      2. names of interpreters at parents events,
      3. ARDS and
      4. conferences.
    3. Are LPAC decisions implemented and documented?
      1. LPAC meetings minutes,
      2. sign in sheets,
      3. TELPAS/STAAR results
    4. Is Spanish I available at the middle school for students who would like Upper level Spanish classes in high school?
      1. Course description for Spanish courses in 6th grade and junior high,
      2. rosters,
      3. lesson plans
    5. Are there Open House opportunities for ELL parents on the campus?
      1. SAMs for Open House,
      2. parental involvement night,
      3. copies of meeting notifications in Spanish