• Band Boosters


    Band Boosers is an organization that is made up of a committee that holds five members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chair Person.  The committee supports the Band Directors in needs for the Band Students.  


    What do Band Boosters do?

    They organize events, work the concessions stands during football season and do fundraisers to raise funds for items needed in the band for students as well as to help allivate costs of the Band trips every other year.


    How can I become a Band Booster Volunteer?

    Complete a Volunteer Application found on the EISD website under Human Resources.

    Contact Miriam Davila at 817-568-3590 ext. 4012 for further information and documentation.


    What if I do not want to volunteer, but I would like to donate?  

    Contact Miriam Davila at 817-568-3590 ext 4012 regarding your donation.