• The Little Free Library of Regency Lane
    Have you heard the exciting news about the Little Free Library (LFL) project?  All across our great country in all fifty states and in over 80 countries world wide, people are establishing Little Free Libraries. There are approximately eight (8) LFLs in Fort Worth.  They can be located anywhere, but most are in neighborhoods and parks. 
    The idea behind this wonderful project is to "take a book, leave a book". All of the books are free, and if you are able to return the same book or another book, you are encouraged to do so. Find a LFL on the world map (the link above will direct you to the world map) and find a library near you.
    Our librarian, Ms. Scholl, has one in her front yard.  It's called the Little Free Library of Regency Lane.  The LFL is very close to E. Ray -- about one-half of a mile, and Ms. Scholl invites the school community to visit the Little Free Library of Regency Lane. Try to bring a book to trade out with the one you take. 
    Currently, she is stocking books and items having to do with Fall and Halloween. She also has some titles in Spanish. Ole! Visitors may also find candy, pencils, and bookmarks in the LFL.
    Mrs. Scholl          Mrs. Scholl and Matt         Little Free Library
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